Happy New Year to all the Woodstockers out there

This is not my usual story kind of blog. But since we are about to change years, and change evokes change and difference I thought I might give a go at a different kind of posting and share something a bit unusual with you all.  This is a blog entry might be more attuned to the Woodstockers among my readers, but there is a certain universality to music, so no matter what your age, read on!

Carlos Santana was interviewed in the November 2014 AARP Bulletin, November 2014. At the end of the interview, Santana shared a playlist that he put together.  He calls it his “masterpiece of joy.”  And I thought, what better way to end 2014 and move toward 2015 than with a masterpiece of joy. Santana also calls the playlist his Playlist for Higher Consciousness because listening thoughtfully to the can make people more compassionate. He says that the lyrics in each of the songs are important, and to experience the proper flow, the songs should be listened to in the order below.

So, with thanks to AARP and to Carlos Santana, here’s the list:

1.   What a Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong
2.   What’s Going on
Marvin Gaye
3.   One Love
Bob Marley
4.   Imagine
John Lennon (Santana recommends Lennon’s version, but personally I like Herbie Hancock’s version on his album “the Imagine Project”)
5.   Blowin’ in the Wind
Bob Dylan
6.   A Change Is Gonna Come
Sam Cooke
7.   No Woman, No Cry
Bob Marley
8. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Aretha Franklin
9.   Just Like a Woman
Roberta Flack
10. Amazing Grace
Lisbeth Scott (you really want to find this version)
11. Redemption Song
Bob Marley
12. Acknowledgement
Doug Carn
13. A Love Supreme
Alice Coltrane


Happy Listening!! Happy New Year – may it be one of peace, love, & compassion.

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