On nurturing your dreams

I totally love James Taylor music. Totally. There is just something about the mellowness of his voice, the ease of his guitar playing. It just really mellows me out.

When we are puttering around Cape Cod, somehow I find myself liking him even more – maybe because he has a home on Martha’s Vineyard, an island right off the Cape, so the radio stations always feather his music into their play lists.

So, it did not surprise me at all that as we were thinking about packing to head up to the Cape I had this dream where I was talking to Mr. Taylor. Even in my dream, he was Mr. Taylor, I just couldn’t get ‘James’ out of my mouth. In my dream I was going on and on about how wonderful a musician he is, about how I totally love his music, his lyrics, his voice, his tone, his guitar playing, how easy he makes it look, all of it.  Eventually I took a breath and said to him, “I would give my life to be able to perform like you do.”

In my dream he smiled at me, looked me right in the eyes and said, “I did.”

And I woke up and thought, that’s it! That is just really it. If you want to be amazing at something, at anything, you have to give your life to it.

While some people putter around with this and that, puttering and looking to be comfortable, people like my dream James Taylor give their whole life to their craft, their art, their passion. And they do it hoping that they will succeed, knowing that they may fail, but responding with full open heart to their passion, bringing substance to their dream.

I wish for all of us the courage to live our best dreams!


So, tell me friends, what is your best dream? How have you nurtured it today?