I am NOT a morning person. I am just not. I need several hours of quiet to get myself awake and oriented to the day. Then I can usually be civil to people. Well, at least most days I can. So, when I found these two poems each of which celebrates morning in its own way, for some odd, ironic reason they profoundly resonated with me. They called me out to find my own sense of dignity a bit more expeditiously. So, I thought I would share them with you. Hope you enjoy!


Morning From Deng Ming-Dao’s 365 Tao: Daily Meditations

 All we need is the morning. As long as there is sunrise we can face all our misfortunes, celebrate our blessings, and live all our endeavors. Acknowledge the mystery of night and the glory of morn­ing. Life begins with dawn, that is blessing enough. All else is fullness immeasurable.

 Greet the dawn. This is your miracle to witness. This is the ultimate beauty. This is sacredness. This is your gift from heaven. This is your omen of prophesy. This is knowledge that life is not futile. This is enlightenment. This is the meaning of life. This is your directive. This is your comfort. This is the solemnity of duty. This is inspiration for compassion. This is the light of the ultimate.

 I arise, facing East by Mary Austin

 I arise, facing East,

I am asking toward the light;

I am asking that the day

Shall be beautiful with light.

I am asking that the place

Where my feet are shall be bright,

That as far as I can see

I shall follow it aright.

I am asking for the courage

To go forward through the shadow,

I am asking toward the light!